The Golden Triangle - Hilltribes

To make a visit to the Golden Triangle when you are in the northern part of Thailand is essensial, and don't miss a boattrip on the Mekong river where you will be sailing through the terretory of Laos, Burma and Thailand. Include also a visit to one of the many hilltribes you can find up in the mountains. It can be a long trip if you go up from Chiang Mai, but it is worth it.

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Wat Jadeeloung
Temple from around the 12th century
that are under reconstruction

The Golden Triangle, Mekong river

You visit 3 countries by sailing on the river. See also pictures on Laos and Burma pages
The proof

We continued up into the mountains
They showed their way of living
What I at least expected to find: A local church
Handcraft produced by women A typical hilltribe village
Nice view from the top of the mountain

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